Our Process: Step 5 - Post-Procedure Follow-up

  • One week follow-up appointment with the IR, to make sure you are progressing as expected.
  • It is important to have a gynecologist who is willing to support you after the procedure, as complications may rarely require their assistance. If your gynecologist is unwilling to participate after UFE please mention this to your IR. A referral to a supportive gynecologist can be arranged, if desired.
  • Three month follow-up with Interventional Radiologist to assess early response to procedure.
  • Most patients see a dramatic change in bleeding by the second period following UFE.
  • Bulk related symptoms should begin to improve 6-8 weeks after the procedure, with continued shrinkage out to one year.
  • Office visit at 3 months to assess early response to the procedure.
  • Repeat MRI of the pelvis at 6 months to objectively assess response to the procedure. Phone call/office visit to discuss results. This may be performed at 3 months if there hasn't been a significant improvement in symptoms.
  • Routine gynecological follow-up thereafter.

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