For Physicians: Representative Cases

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51yo WF with a history of severe dysmenorrhea, menometrorrhagia and anemia. She received three lupron injections prior to a planned vaginal hysterectomy. She instead chose UFE. Two months after the last lupron injection UFE was successfully performed.

Results: Following the UFE procedure her periods rapidly returned to normal and have remained so for one year.

Figure 1 : Pre- and 6 month post-embolization sagittal MRI. On the pre-procedure MRI a 6cm submucous fibroid is noted distorting the endometrium. On the follow-up study the uterus is now normal in appearance with a <1cm residual scar.
Sagittal MRI, Pre and Post UFE

Figure 2 : Pre and 6 month post embolization axial MRI. The pre-embolization MRI shows the 6cm submucous fibroid displacing the endometrium. Following embolization the endometrium is now normal with only a very small area of residual scar.
Axial MRI, Pre and Post UFE

Case 1 | Case 2 | Case 3 | Case 4