10 Year UFE Anniversary in Hampton Roads, VA

In July 2008 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary of introducing UFE to the Hampton Roads area. Since then hundreds of women suffering with fibroids have been successfully treated and have avoided hysterectomy.

The initial struggles obtaining insurance coverage are long behind us and appropriate cases are readily approved.

To help you more efficiently move through the UFE process we have recently started obtaining the MRI before the initial consultation, sometimes the same morning. In this way the consultation can be tailored to your particular situation and you can know by the end of the consultation if you are a candidate for UFE. If so, the UFE procedure can scheduled and insurance pre-authorization initiated, all in the same day as the consultation! This process formerly took several weeks to accomplish.

Estimates suggest up to 5 million U.S. women suffer with symptomatic fibroids. Of those, 3 million are waiting, 1.4 million under drug treatment, 225,000 undergo hysterectomy each year and only 22,000 have UFE. We still have a long way to go!

Join us in celebrating the 10 year anniversary of UFE in Hampton Roads, VA. and please help spread the word about UFE:The Non-Surgical Fibroid Solution.

"Thanks for giving back my life and letting me keep my uterus!"
Janine, age 46